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Popular City Tours with Special Themes

The cities of Shandong are not only friendly, but also unique. Take our 2-6 days city tours to Qingdao, Jinan, Qufu and Tai’an (Mount Tai) to experience special local customs, culture & festivals. Select your best and travel as you like!

Mount Tai Jinan Qingdao Qufu
3 Days Mt.Taishan & Qufu Tour from Beijing by Bullet Train
explore two world heritage sites in three days
4 Days Cultural Discovery in Jinan, Taishan & Qufu
a virtual museum to experience vibrant and diverse local customs
5 Days Qingdao, Qufu & Mount Tai Essence Tour
travel from seaside city to the inland cultural relics
6 Days Best of Shandong Tour (Jinan, Qufu, Taishan & Qingdao)
the most popular and classic city tour to see all the best

Our Best-selling Shandong Single City Tours:

3 Days Qingdao Beer & Seaside Tour
Experience: Qingdao International Beer Festival
2 Days Most Classic Mount Tai Hiking Tour
Experience: Taishan Mountain Climbing
2 Days Jinan City of Springs Tour
Experience: Nature & Parks with Springs
2 Days Weifang Kite Culture & Festival Tour
Experience: Weifang International Kite Festival

Top Shandong Tours - Private, Flexible & Customizable

The diverse land Shandong is blessed with brilliant culture and beautiful landscape. Taking the 7-10 days tours throughout the whole Shandong province, you could taste the most aspects of Shandong at a LOW price!

Golden Coast of Shandong Tour
7 Days Golden Coast of Shandong Tour

Places to Visit: Qingdao, Weihai, Yantai, Penglai

Shandong History & Culture Tour
8 Days Shandong History & Culture Tour

Places to Visit: Jinan, Mount Tai, Qufu, Zibo, Weifang, Qingdao

Shandong Panorama Tour
10 Days Shandong Panorama Tour from Qingdao

Places to Visit: Qingdao, Weihai, Yantai, Penglai, Weifang, Zibo, Qufu, Mount Tai, Jinan

China Tour Packages with Friendly Shandong

Shandong is a jewel between Beijing and Shanghai, also well connected with precious China world heritage sites in other provinces. Choose our carefully organized China tours including friendly Shandong to discover the splendid culture and majestic landscape of China.

Beijing Great Wall

7 Days Classic Beijing & Shandong Tour

Beijing / Jinan / Mount Tai / Qufu7 Days Classic Beijing & Shandong Tour

This tour is most designed for who want to have unforgettable cultural experience. In 7 days, you'll not only have dep exploration in ancient heart - Beijing, but also get into a virtual museum to learn about the brilliant culture in Jinan, Mount Tai & birthplace of Confucius - Qufu!

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Confucius Culture Exploration

9 Days Beijing Shanghai Speed Train Tour with Confucianism Exploration

Beijing / Jinan / Mount Tai / Qufu / Shanghai9 Days Beijing Shanghai Speed Train Tour with Confucianism Exploration

As a stop on Beijing Shanghai High-speed railway, Jinan offers you a great chance to explore the history of Cunfucianism and climb Mount Tai, the foremost of the Five Great Mountains of China. With a classic Beijing Shanghai City tour, you will enjoy the best of China in one go.

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Qingdao Tour

10 Days Beijing Shandong Tour by Bullet Train

Beijing / Jinan / Mount Tai / Qufu /Qingdao10 Days Beijing Shandong Tour by Bullet Train

From Beijing to Shandong by the high speed train will give you life time memory about the great history and culture of China. You will not only explore the thousand years' history, but also the great natural beauty companied with the ancient man-made wonders.

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Shaolin Temple

11 Days China World Heritage Tour in North China

Beijing / Jinan / Mount Tai / Qufu / Zhengzhou / Dengfeng / Luoyang / Xian11 Days China World Heritage Tour in North China

This amazing China World Heritage tour will take you back into history in 11 days. It covers not only more than eight heritage sites in north China, but also present you cultural diversity, awe-inspiring scenery and genuine interaction with local people.

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Shandong Hot Destinations


beautiful seaside city known for Tsingtao beer


Capital of Shandong, City of Springs of China


explore Confucianism in hometown of Confucius

Mount Tai
Mount Tai

leader of the “Five Sacred Mountains”

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