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Kunming Lijiang Tours

Step into a world of ethnic minorities with brilliant ancient culture and unique customs!

Combined a tour with Kunming and Lijiang, travelers could explore UNESCO World Heritage sites like Kunming Stone Forest, Old Town of Lijiang; enjoy ethnic festivals, architectures, costumes, customs, etiquette, marriage, ethnic snacks and have close contact with them like sing and dance with the groups. Besides the colorful ethnic cultural experience, you’ll see breathtaking natural scenery by viewing the river, parks and snow mountains in Kunming and Lijiang.

The distance between Kunming and Lijiang is about 517 KM. For most travelers, they start a tour from Kunming either by flight or by train to Lijiang. If time permits, it is highly recommended to cover Dali, Shangri-La, Yuanyang and Jianshui into the trip.

Things you need to know before Kunming Lijiang Tour

Top Kunming Lijiang Tour Packages

It is very popular to take Kunming to Lijiang tours for 5 days. You could choose to travel in the fastest way - by flight (about 50 minutes) or budget way - by overnight train (7-10.5 hours). If you want to take a Lijiang to Kunming tour, please feel free to contact your professional travel consultants. They are ready to help you design a memorable Lijiang Kunming holiday.

Yunnan Minority Tour

5 Days Kunming Lijiang Minority Tour (by Flight)

Kunming Lijiang5 Days Kunming Lijiang Flight Tour Map

This Kunming Lijiang tour is about ethnic minority and folk culture! You’ll visit Yunnan Minority Village, Sani people near Stone Forest, Yuhu Naxi Minority Village, Naxi Dongba Culture Museum and Lijiang Old Town etc. In 5 days, you’ll have basic understanding about 25 ethnic minority groups in Yunnan and get in-depth ideas about Yi and Naxi minorities.

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First bend of Yangtze River

5 Days Kunming Lijiang Essence Tour (by Train)

Kunming Lijiang5 Days Kunming Lijiang Train Tour

This Kunming Lijiang train tour takes to explore essences of Kunming and Lijiang, including the natural and cultural highlights. It is not a budget way to save money, but also a fantastic way to view the best of Yunnan has offer.

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Kunming Lijiang Yunnan Tours

Besides Kunming and Lijiang, there are some other awesome destinations in Yunnan worth visiting like Dali, “a treasure land for ethnic Bai people”, Shangri-La, “Fairyland in Lost Horizon” and Yuanyang, knowns for spectacular rice-paddy terracing. It is good to add 1 to 5 days more in your Kunming Lijiang tour for in-depth exploration. Below are our three best-selling Yunnan tours covering all the best destinations and highlights. If you’re interested in more Yunnan trips, go and visit our China Yunnan Tours.

  • Kunming Dali Lijiang

    6 Days Kunming Dali Lijiang Folk Culture Tour

    Kunming / Dali / Lijiang

    Explore colorful folk culture of Yunnan in 6 days package. Beside Kunming & Lijiang, add one day to Dali to appreciate Bai ethnic culture and visit Three Pagodas, Erhai Lake, Dali Old Town and local ethnic market.

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  • Kunming Dali Lijiang Shangri-La

    8 Days Classic Yunnan Tour

    Kunming / Dali / Lijiang / Shangri-La

    The CLASSIC Yunnan is shown in the 8 days trip. Enjoy the most magnificent scenery and ancient cultures of Yunnan, from ancient towns to beautiful pagodas & temples, from the world’s deepest canyon to notable limestone formations.

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  • Yuanyang Rice Terrace

    11 Days Amazing Yunnan Tour

    Kunming / Yuanyang / Jianshui / Kunming / Dali / Lijiang / Shangri-La

    Cover the most destinations and most aspects of Yunnan - various ethnic groups, religions, stone forests, rice terraces, ancient towns, local markets, parks, lakes and rivers…In 11 days, see how AMAZING Yunnan is.

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