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2 Days Essence of Hangzhou Tour

Highlights: West Lake, Lingyin Temple Meijia Dock Dragon Well Tea Village, China National Tea Museum, Six Harmonies Pagoda, Hefang Street

The 2-day tour collects the essence of Hangzhou natural scenery and profound history for you. Visiting the landmarks - the West Lake, Lingyin Temple, Six Harmonies Pagoda, tea village, you'll feast Hangzhou's color and fragrance and hence enjoy the elegant Hangzhou lifestyle.

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Dragon Well Tea Plantation
3 Days Classic Hangzhou Tour Plus Tea Plantation Exploration

Highlights: Dragon Well Tea Culture Exploration, China National Tea Museum, Hupao Spring, West Lake, Lingyin Temple

This tour unfolds itself like a scroll of panoramic sceneries of Hangzhou. Indulge yourself in its picturesque West Lake, ancient temples & gardens, mountains. The best highlights is the interesting visit to the Dragon Well Tea Plantation to explore authentic Chinese tea culture.

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West Lake Cycling Experience
2 Days Relaxing Hangzhou Tour with Half-day West Lake Cycling

Highlights: West Lake half-day cycling, China National Silk Museum, Lingyin Temple, Longjing Tea Plantation

Expect to explore the picturesque West Lake in a different way? How about trying a bicycle tour along the famous Bai Causeway and Su Causeway? Our well-designed biking tour aims to deliver you the best sights and attractions of this lakefront destination in relaxing pace.

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Dongpo Pork
2 Days Hangzhou Excellent Gourmet Tour

Highlights: West Lake, Lingyin Temple, Lowwailou Lunch, China Hangzhou Cuisine Museum

Hangzhou Cuisine is one of the most popular Chinese cuisines in China. It features in a delicate, appetizing and refreshing taste, and Hangzhou is the paradise for every foodie. So don't lose the chance to try authentic Hangzhou foods and snacks while visiting the beautiful West Lake, exploring tea culture, etc.

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Hangzhou Sunset
3 Days Charming Hangzhou Photography Tour

Highlights: West Lake Ten Scenes, Lingyin Temple, Longjing Tea Plantation, Liuhe Pagoda

In Yuan Dynasty (1271~1368), the famous world traveler Maco Polo visited Hangzhou and praised “ Hangzhou is the most beautiful city in the world ”. Moreover, there is a well-known saying in China “In heaven there is paradise, and on earth Suzhou and Hangzhou”. In this city of heaven, you can appreciate its exquisiteness and beauty with your eyes and record it by your camera in this photography tour.

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Grand canal
3 Days Hangzhou & Suzhou Beauty Tour by High Speed Train

Highlights: West Lake, Six Harmonies Pagoda, Humble Administrator's Garden

Hangzhou and Suzhou together were praised as "the Heavenly Cities" due to their prosperity, rich culture and fabulous landscape. Hangzhou is famous for its legendary West Lake and Dragon Well Tea, while Suzhou is known by people for its classical gardens and water towns.

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West Lake Summer
5 Days Essence of Shanghai & Hangzhou Tour

Highlights: The Bund, Former French Concession, West Lake, Wuzhen Water Town

The tour unfolds itself like a scroll of panoramic sceneries of Shanghai and Hangzhou. You'll visit the Bund, Yuyuan Garden & Bazaar, Shanghai World Financial Center, West Lake and Wuzhen Water Town in this 5-day tour.

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Six Harmonies Pagoda
5 Days Yellow Mountain Tour from Hangzhou

Highlights: West Lake, Hefang Street, Dragon Well Plantation, Xidi Hongcun Ancient Village, Yellow Mountain

Hangzhou is the best representation of classic beauty of Chinam, mostly thanking to the romantic West Lake which is as beautiful as a classic Chinese ink and wash painting. While Huangshan, also known as Yellow Mountain, is praised as the most beautiful mountain in China. So this tour is undoubtedly the "most beautiful" trip in China.

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Elegant Jiangnan Sceneries in Humble Administrator's Garden
4 Days Suzhou & Hangzhou Photography Tour

Highlights: Classic Suzhou Gardens, Zhouzhuang Water Town, West Lake, Longjing Tea Plantation

"In heaven there is paradise, on earth, Suzhou and Hangzhou”. Suzhou and Hangzhou is the backyard of the metropolis Shanghai. It is well worth exploring classical gardens of Suzhou, elegant water towns, and West Lake in the Jiangnan golden triangle cities.

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Wuzhen Water Town
3 Days Best Hangzhou Tour with Wuzhen Water Town

Highlights: West Lake, Wuzhen Water Town, Lingyin Temple

In this 3-day tour, what you meet is far more than the gorgeous landscape of Hangzhou city and Wuzhen Water Town, you’ll enjoy this heavenly city’s profound history, culture and the elegant lifestyle!

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Xitang Water Town in Spring
2 Days Poetic Hangzhou with Xitang Water Town Tour

Highlights: West Lake, Lingyin Temple, China National Tea Museum, Xitang Water Town

Time stands still in this 2 days, no matter when cruise on the emerald West Lake and feel the spirit of Hangzhou, comprehend the essence of Buddhism by view numerous Buddha stone carvings and grand halls in Lingyin Temple, wander through the Longjing tea planation or take a relaxing stroll along the thousand-year-old Xitang Water Town! You’ll gain a feeling of simplicity and leisure!

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Most Popular Hangzhou Suzhou Shanghai Tour Packages

Hangzhou West Lake Cycling Tour
5 Days Shanghai, Suzhou & Hangzhou West Lake Bike Tour

Shanghai / Suzhou / Hangzhou /

See the best of Chinese classic beauty by bike! Our private cycling tour around Shanghai covers all the highlights of splendid beauty. Wandering in the ancient water town and cycling around the West Lake, the 'Heaven on The Earth' is waiting for you.

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The Bund Night Views in Shanghai
6 Days Splendid East China Tour by Bullet Train

Shanghai / Tongli / Suzhou / Hangzhou / Shanghai

A classic Shanghai tour, with extension to nearby Suzhou and Hangzhou, is an essential trip for you to appreciate the classic elegant beauty of east China. Also the Shanghai-Hangzhou high speed train experience showcases the modern and development of this area.

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West Lake Shuangtou Bridge
10 Days China Golden Triangle Plus Hangzhou Paradise Tour

Shanghai / Hangzhou / Xian / Beijing

This 10 days' China tour has collected the best classical destinations for you in a single trip. You start your vacation from Shanghai, the blend of West and East, to picturesque city Hangzhou, then make a memorable stop at the ancient capital Xian, and lastly finish your vacation in Beijing, the most popular travel destination in China.

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West Lake Shuangtou Bridge
7 Days Shanghai Hangzhou Mt. Huangshan Tour Package

Shanghai / Hangzhou / Huangshan

Experiencing the exquisite Jiangnan-style elegance in Hangzhou, soaking in the excitement of Shanghai's vitality and busyness, being amazed at the four wonders of Huangshan...You will appreciate this deep exploration of China, and also the amazing experience of taking high speed train.

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Dr. Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum
8 Days East China Tour by High-speed Train

Nanjing / Suzhou / Hangzhou / Shanghai

Experience the Eastern prosperous China like Nanjing, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Shanghai, from the ancient capital to the paradise on earth, from the bustling city to the breathtaking natural wonders, all in one grand journey. Take the comfortable and fast bullet as your major transfer between destinations and embrace China's traditional elegant garden, lakes, pagodas, water canals in two prosperous cities

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Hangzhou Sunset
5 Days Shanghai Hangzhou Suzhou Highlights Tour

Shanghai / Hangzhou / Suzhou / Shanghai

The tour takes you to explore the 3 most popular destinations of the Yangtze Delta - starting from Shanghai to visit Hangzhou, and finishing at Suzhou. You will take the fast bullet trains as major transfer. Every day is connected well, without any waste of time and money.

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