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Chinese Visa Application Chinese Visa Application
Chinese Visa Application
Chinese Visa Application Chinese Visa Application

Chinese Visa

A Chinese Visa is the authorization that allows you to enter, exist from China, or transit through mainland China. (HKSAR and Macao SAR issues visas independently). For a tourist who wants to travel to China, but doesn't meet the policies of Chinese visa exemption, it is the indispensable document apart from the passport.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China authorizes embassies, consulates and other institutions of China to issue the Chinese Visa for foreigners abroad. So far, China government has instituted embassies or consulates in 165 countries in the world which have established diplomatic relations with China. The China embassy is only set up in the capital city. While the consulates are established in some large cities of a country, such as Chicago, Manchester, Lyon, etc.

The Chinese visa has set the number of entries to China, usually consists of single-entry visa, double-entry visa and multiple-entry visa. You can choose the number of entries when filling the application form, but the final number of entry and duration of stay is determined by the China embassies or consulates.

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Chinese Visa Application

Types of Chinese Visa

Before applying a Chinese Visa, you should understand there are different visa types to apply according to the purpose of your visit to China. Follow us to check which visa type is the most appropriate for your application and what kinds of documents you should prepare for.

There are many kinds of visas, differing by the types, numbers of entries, validity and duration of each stay in China. It depends on your actual purpose of staying in China for traveling, work, study, business meeting, or others. Check the Types of Chinese Visa.

Tourist Visa (L): issued to those who intend to go to China for sightseeing and touring. Proof of travel such as flight confirmation and hotel reservation are required. Single-entry, double-entry and multiple-entry are all available for tourists. The duration of stay (each visit) normally is 30-60 days. Multiple-entry up to 10 years is issued to US and Canada passport holder.

Non-Commerce Visa (F): issued to those who intend to go to China for research, lecture, scientific, cultural exchange and study tour. F visa is normally issued for single or double entry, with the duration of stay (each visit) is normally 30-90 days.

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Chinese Visa Application

How to Apply the Chinese Visa

Foreigners can apply for the visa in the China embassy or any one of the consulates in your country. The process of application depends on the type of your visa. Regular visas like the L Visa (for tourist) and G Visa (for transit) require only several steps to obtain. Other visas like Z(for work), F Visa (for study and other nob-business activities ), J Visa (for journalists) have extra requirements.

STEP 1 - Get necessary documents prepared, including original passport, Visa Application Form, photos, Proof of legal stay or residence status.

STEP 2 - Complete the Visa Application Form. Go to the Visa Office of Chinese Embassy or Chinese Consulates that serves your state, then submit your Visa Application Form and necessary documents.

STEP 3 - After receiving the notification from the Visa Office that your application is processed and approved, go to in person the Visa Office, or let your agent to pay the visa fee and pick up your Chinese Visa.

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Chinese Visa Application

Chinese Visa Exemption Policies

A foreigner doesn't need a Chinese Visa as long as he or she meets any following circumstances. There are serveral specific requirements for each circumstances. The visa-free staying ranges from 24 hours to 2 months according to different policies for different regions.

1. Direct Transit by Air

2. Visiting the Pearl River Delta

3. Visiting Hainan Island

4. Citizens of Singapore, Brunei and Japan

5. Holders of Valid APEC Business Travel Card

6. Holders of PRC Foreigner's Permanent Residence Card

7. Holders of Residence Permit for Foreigners issued by PRC Ministry of Public Security

8. Bilateral Agreement

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Chinese Visa Application

Frequent Asked Questions about Visa & Permit

  • 1.Who needs a Chinese visa?

    Usually most foreigners traveling to mainland China require a visa, except those who are citizens of Singapore, Brunei and Japan and stay no more than 15 days for the purpose of travel and business.
  • 2. Can I visit China without a visa?

    There is no need to have Chinese visa for visa-required foreign citizens, if you visit the Pearl River Delta, Hainan Island, or some certain area of China. For more conditions without a visa, please click Chinese Visa Exemption to give you all details.
  • 3. Do I need a Chinese visa to transit via China solely?

    No, you shouldn’t have to apply it, if you transit through China within 24 hours. Besides, China has opened the 72 hours visa free for you to travel some cities within 72 hours. Click 72-Hour Visa-free Transit to read more details.
  • 4. How long would it take to get the Chinese Visa?

    The application process generally takes three to five working days and if you are in hurry, you can choose express service or rush service with extra pay to shorten the time to 1-2 days.
  • 5. Could you send me a letter for the Chinese Embassy both in English and Chinese so we can get the Visa more easily?

    Yes. We can send the Invitation Letter to assist your visa application only after the tour deposit is paid.
  • 6. We have already had a Chinese visa, so do we still need to have a Tibet permit? How do I get it?

    The Chinese visa is different from the Tibet Entry Permit, so for applying the Tibet Entry Permit, we will need your valid passport and visa scanning copies; you are not allowed to enter Tibet without having this Permit. And this Permit will be delivered to the Chinese hotel you will stay in before entering Tibet.

Check more tips and faqs about Chinese visa, or ask our travel consultants who are here ready to help you learn more about Chinese visa!

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